Elites gathering in Spring Festival annual meeting

Elites from HEC-Liege University and Business School Netherlands gathered and attended the Annual Meeting at The Venice Raytour Hotel, Shenzhen on Jan 20th, 2018. Alumni communicated and enjoy the party to celebrate the coming of the new year.

Alumni came and signed their name on the remembrance wall one after another. As the monitors said, alumni have been preparing for this annual meeting for a long time.

Hip-hop is the opening show which was amazingly performed by the 10 year-old nephew of the alumni. After then, 4 humorous emcees show up, aroused by the frantic screaming.

Professor’s good wishing and blessing was played via big LED screen. Also, the special guest Professor Fan Peng delivered a speech. Then, class committee delivered a recitation ”Time goes by and the blossom mean the coming of the Spring” which was followed by audiences.

The next sector is gift exchange the lucky draw for the Fourth Prize.

The piano playing “Midnight Serenade” and “Croatian Rhapsody” made alumni feel like it is a piano concert.

Thanks to the class committee’s organization and the sponsor Xuewe International Business Academy, alumni had a wonderful experience in the annual meeting and mutual communicated with the classmates.

Alumni were attracted by the Play, Guzheng and flute duet. As well as the song “Because of love”.

At this moment, the lucky draw for the First Prize and the Grand Prize. When the emcee announce that the award for the Grand Prize is Diamond which is worth RMB138,000, alumni were excited and cheer up.

With the effort of the class committee and the support from Xuewei International Business Academy, this annual meeting which last 4 hours ends successfully.