Donation Activities

Alumni from Sunshine Coast University MBA class

Alumni from Sunshine Coast University MBA class organized and participated in the donation activities for Charity in Huanglong Primary School.

Life is a flower of which love is the honey.        —Victor Hugo, French writer

On September 8, the children of Huanglong Primary School in Huanglong Village, Zhuanshui Town, Wuhua County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province received a love gift which were freighted in from more than 400 kilometers away. Under the connection of Xuewe International Business Academy and the Shenzhen MBA Class Committee of Sunshine Coast University of Australia, more than 20 representatives of the Shenzhen MBA Class came to Huanglong Primary School in Huanglong Village and donated printers, projectors, sports equipment and other teaching materials for the school. More than 300 schoolbags, books and clothes and daily necessities were donated to students and teachers as well. All of the donated goods is worth 100,000 yuan.

In the donation ceremony, the representative of the Huanglong Primary School introduce the alumni from MBA class and the students tied red scarfs for alumni and give praise to alumni.

The monitor from Shenzhen MBA Class Committee of Sunshine Coast University said that Shenzhen MBA Class of Sunshine Coast University have been focusing on the development of the Village education. They are glad and honor to take this opportunity to give a practical action and give their effort to help Huanglong Primary School.

Principal Zhong Yuhuai of Huanglong Primary School delivered a thank-you speech on behalf of all the teachers and students of the school. He also presented a silk banner to Shenzhen MBA Class of Sunshine Coast University and thanked the Alumni for their concern and help. The scene was filled with warm applause and the atmosphere reached to climax.

Subsequently, the school organized the students to line up and collect materials. Several family members of the Alumni from the MBA Shenzhen class also joined the distribution team and distributed their candies and books to the students of Huanglong Primary School.

he materials donated by the Australian MBA Class in this loving activity can not only help schools to establish and improve teaching function rooms such as classrooms and libraries, but also enable rural children to enjoy the fair education and high-quality teaching resources as well as show students warmth. At the same time, we regard caring for teachers and developing rural education as the key content of poverty alleviation. Carrying forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and striving to build the environment of respecting teachers and emphasizing teaching.

Student representatives said that they will study hard and always be grateful. They will take over the baton of love in the future and to be a transmitter of love.

Alumni visited the new classrooms and communicated with students to know about their study situation and development. Students also invited Alumni from MBA class to visit and pick vegetable and fruits in the Modern Agricultural Industry Park. The park is full of love and laugh.

This donation activity let students and teachers feel the love and warmth of society, and convey the love and positive energy of Shenzhen MBA class of Sunshine Coast University of Australia. It also fully reflects the brotherly love of Shenzhen MBA class of Sunshine Coast University who earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities. With the help of Xuewe International Business Academy, the platform lights up hope for rural schools. Although the charity donation campaign has gone through eight hours of bumpy journey back and forth, it did not make the alumni complained. Alumni also hope that more loving people and enterprises can actively participate in the action of supporting and caring for rural education, and contribute to the development of education in rural areas and poor mountainous areas.