What is the tuition-installment of Xuewe Loan?

Xuewe Loan is a consumer finance brand of Shanghai Xuewe International MBA Business Academy. As a public financial platform for the personal consumer, Xuewe Loan has created the innovative consuming model in educational loan and it has cooperated with a number of banks and institutions at present. The educational loan is the only one to offer the access to remote authorization in China and the loan can be approved very soon.

Why do you choose Xuewe Loan??

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Mergers and Acquisitions

MBA Course of University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia

Two shoe manufacturing companies sent their salesmen Jackson and Sakai to explore the market. They came to an island country in the South Pacific and found that the local people were all barefoot. Jackson sent a telegram to headquarters that “people here never wear shoes. Who else can buy shoes? I'll go back tomorrow.” While Sakai sent a telegram to headquarters that “Great! People here don't wear shoes. I have decided to stay here for a long time.” Two years later, everyone here wears shoes.

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Marketing Management

EMAM Course of HEC Management School University of Liege

Under the background of globalization, what is the latest trend of mergers and acquisitions in the future? Why have Chinese enterprises suffered many setbacks in overseas mergers and acquisitions? What are the main challenges faced by Chinese enterprises in mergers and acquisitions? How to achieve the outstanding results of 1+1>2 through effective integration of mergers and acquisitions? Mergers and acquisitions is a common strategy in enterprise expansion, then, what is the core of mergers and acquisitions strategy?

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