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As one of time-honoured universities in the world, Liege university offers "master of advanced enterprise management", focusing on enterprise management. Compared to an integrated MBA program, the courses are more profound, more specific, more professional to extract the essence of enterprise management, which benefit learners a lot. In addition, the study duration is short.....

Requirements for degree awarding:
1、Finish the prescribed courses, pass the examination , and complete the required credits
2、Submit a research report based on the enterprise and the report is approved.
  • Top ranking university in the world--- QS ranked top 265 in 2016 in the QS Ranking; One of the Top 500 universities in QS Ranking which only include 18 China’s Universities.
  • This University was awarded EPAS Accreditation by EFMD(European Foundation for Management Developmen)
  • Obtained the international quality certification of Belgium Valon region
  • The only university that is not in France and is accredited by the French Grand Ecole.
  • The only Confucius institute of the state council of China in French area of Belgium.
  • Certified EQUIS by the EFMD.
  • This University was also awarded AACSB Accreditation
  • This is a regular university which was listed on the foreign-related education website of the China's ministry.

Liege UniversityIn 1817, Liege university was founded. This is Belgium's first state-funded international university in French language, started the advanced education in the Belgian French-speaking area. It is the only public, diversified and comprehensive university in the French-speaking region of Belgium. The development and transformation of the past 200 years has made it a world-class comprehensive university with excellent scientific research capability.

Liege, the third largest city, is in the French-speaking region of Belgium, Liege university currently has more than 20,000 students and 4,000 faculty members. There are 38 bachelors and 93 masters degrees in degree courses, 68 advanced master degrees and 18 doctoral and post-doctoral programs.

By the end of the 19th century, Europe's economies were booming, and Belgium, in the heart of Europe, was the first to be influenced. In order to adapt to the development of the new era, the university of liege, in 1898, merged with HEC school of business in Liege(belonging to French speaking area of Belgium), and established a new university of Liege.

The combination of the two education brand and the important universities has written a new chapter in the history of university development, which has great epoch-making significance, it also established the high status of the world famous universities. Liege university today (including HEC school of management) has become a world comprehensive university with rich humanities, education and excellent scientific research participating in European and international major research projects, Especially in the fields of management, economics, psychology, biomedical science and astronomy, the research results have attracted worldwide attention.

  • 1

    Excellent school

    Advanced world ranking--- QS world university authorities ranked 265 in 2016.

  • 2

    No entrance examination

    Free of national entrance examination,apply for admission with a college degree or management experience.

  • 3

    Excellent quality

    University authority ranking is awarded EPAS certification by the European management development foundation.

  • 4

    Low tuition

    Less than the similar MBA program

  • 会计与金融

    Accounting and Finance

  • 组织与人力资源

    Human Resource Management

  • 战略营销

    Strategic Marketing

  • 公司发展战略

    Sustainable Strategy

  • 公司财务管理

    Financial Management

  • 国际商务

    International Business

  • 信息系统管理

    Information System Management

  • 项目管理

    Project Management

  • 全球经济与管理

    Global Economy and Management

  • 企业社会责任

    Corporate Social Responsibility

  • 商业游戏

    SIPRIDE Business Game

  • 变革管理

    Change Management

  • 卓越领导之品牌的力量

    Brand Strength

  • 创意领导

    Creative Leadership

  • 组织行为学

    Organizational Behavior

  • 明星企业参访

    Business Visit

Wilfried Stephen Nissen

Liege University Liege High School Dean, Liege High Business ASBL CEO, EMAM and EMBA Project Developer and Director

Ouyang Liangyi

Associate Professor, Department of finance, School of economics, Peking University. Deputy head of research group, national development and Reform Commission, industrial investment fund

Fan Peng

Backbone Professor of MBA Advanced Training Class in Fudan University, Vice President of Shanghai Cadre College of Economic Management

Jin Zhan Ming

Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Tsinghua SEM, Ph.D., studied human resource management and strategic management at MIT

Hu Haiou

Professor of Department of Economics and Finance in College of Economics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Ph.D Supervisor

Wang Chuanhui

Doctor of Law, University of Leuven; once served as Associate Professor of Lingnan (University) College of Sun Yat-sen University, a counsel of institute

Wang Ouyang

Doctor/Lecturer of Institute of Vocational & Audit Education in East China Normal University, Deputy Director of Information Evaluation and Talent Evaluation Center

Xu Weimin

Master Supervisor, graduated from School of Economics Fudan University, Deputy Director of Center for Chinese Business Studies, Fudan University, and Deputy Director of Enterprise Research Institute of Fudan University;

Yan Shi Fu

Shanghai, professor and doctoral tutor of Antai Institute of economics and management, Jiaotong University

Zhou Haoyu

Master of Engineering in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications; one of PMPs (Project Management Professional) early certified in China among members of PMI (Project Management Institution); and Vice Chairman of the National Standards Experts Committee for Project Management

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    Register for enrollment

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    Application Documents

    ①.Photos (4);
    ②.Business cards (4);
    ③.Copied or scanned ID;
    ④.Copied or scanned Diploma Certificate;
    ⑤.Admission Application;
    ⑥.Personal resume;
    ⑦.Company certification.
  • 3

    Admission audit by school

    Admission requirements:
    ①.Bachelor degree application:☆Bachelor degree or above, at home or abroad, recognized by SHU;
    ②.Submit a research report based on the enterprise and the report is approved;
    ③.Personal work management experience, outstanding achievements in the field of management, authorized interviewer assessment interview passers.
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    Approval of application

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    Start your study trip!

Past Student Evaluation

Mr. He

Production & Maintenance Manager in AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

I am in charge of the production and maintenance work in the company, engaged in equipment and process management. For me, although I have got improvement in work and accumulated experience, I am still lack of systematic knowledge in management, which hinders my further management and promotion in my opinion. So in 2018, I started my MBA study trip. It has been 14 years since I left school, so I feel fine when I come back from work to study again. The school has arranged more than ten related courses, basically covering most of our daily work, and has also set up a comprehensive management knowledge framework and thinking system for us. In particular, the professors’ in-depth and superficial explanations and case studies have helped us improve our thinking mode and vision, from both basic theory and practical application. After learning each subject, I will have profound thinking and benefit greatly.

Mr. Xiao

Deputy General Manager in Nanjing Sanxie Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

I have been engaged in production management and also have made due achievements in several enterprises that I worked for, but I still have quite a lot of shortcomings in the management of enterprises. Although I have participated in a lot of training courses successively, the knowledge I gained is fragmented. However, after enrolling MBA course of Xuewe, my horizon was suddenly broadened even after studying several courses and my overall perspective in enterprise management was gradually clear. The classmates who are eager to learn also stimulated me, who has been away from school for 20 years, so I become interested in learning new knowledge again.

Mr. Zhang

Shanghai Yuetian Film and TV Investment Management Co., Ltd.

The two-year MBA study is the most important part of my personal learning. For the two-year study, firstly, I want to thank my family for their understanding and support. Secondly, I thank all the teachers in the school for their teaching and instructions in the past two years of study and life, so that my knowledge and work have been improved unprecedentedly, and I have formed my own thinking and work concept guidance frame or principle. I am also grateful for the cultivation of excellent teachers from different disciplines in the past two years, which has further improved my emotional and intellectual development and weakened and reduced my deficiencies. For the past two years of study, I shall also thank my classmates and friends for their various forms of communications and helps, which make our work and life rich and colorful. I hope I can combine knowledge and morality better, make full use of others’ advantages and live up to expectations in the future so as to benefit the society, the others and me at the same time.

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