Executive Development Program

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15-month Study Period Attend two-day class per month Class on weekend
  • ● Selected financial capital + enterprise management core course
  • ● The tuition fee is only 27000, and the most cost-effective class in the country
  • ● Integration of Tsinghua University Peking University Fudan first class teachers, to create the strongest lineup of teachers in Shenzhen
  • ● One year to learn about 300 entrepreneurs, the value of connections is soaring
  • ● The lifelong development platform allows students to return to school regularly and attend free courses

At present, China's economy has entered a complex stage of development, and Chinese enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges at home and abroad. The competition of enterprises is experiencing the transformation process from product competition to market competition to capital competition. This seminar aims to enable students to acquire the most cutting-edge financial capital strategy, thinking, tools and methods in the world. With the help of the President's learning service platform, we can train managers who can grasp the pulse of the times and have practical ability, have systematic thinking and open vision, and bring important competitive advantages to the rapid rise of enterprises.

  • 1

    Comprehensive curriculum provision

    The course content integrates the advanced management concepts at home and abroad, and selects the core courses of financial capital and enterprise management

  • 2

    Theory vs. practice

    Combining theory teaching with case analysis, there are both experts and professors, and business knowledge.

  • 3

    Excellent faculty

    Select the top teachers of fudan university of pku and tsinghua university, and form a strong team of teachers to teach the most brilliant management ideas and the most cutting-edge solutions.

  • 4

    Lifelong development platform

    Organize students' associations to improve communication among students, enhance enterprise competitiveness, and establish high-end national network

  • 运营管理

    operation management

  • 宏观经济与产业经济分析

    Macroeconomic and industrial economic analysis

  • 企业金融

    Enterprise finance

  • 投资学

    Investment Science

  • 风险管理

    Risk management

  • 商法

    Commercial law

  • 企业伦理

    Business ethics

  • 市场营销与品牌战略

    Marketing and brand strategy

  • 商业模式

    Business model

  • 企业组织行为学

    Enterprise organizational behavior

  • 非财务人员的财务管理

    Financial management of non-financial personnel

  • 传统文化与现代管理

    Traditional culture and modern management

Fan Peng

Backbone Professor of MBA Advanced Training Class in Fudan University, Vice President of Shanghai Cadre College of Economic Management

Hu Haiou

Professor of Department of Economics and Finance in College of Economics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Ph.D Supervisor

Ling Guo Ping

Shanghai registered consultant, former deputy director of the Economic Management Center of Shanghai University and deputy director of the Institute of Forecasting and Consulting of Shanghai University

Wang Chuanhui

Doctor of Law, University of Leuven; once served as Associate Professor of Lingnan (University) College of Sun Yat-sen University, a counsel of institute

Wang Ouyang

Doctor/Lecturer of Institute of Vocational & Audit Education in East China Normal University, Deputy Director of Information Evaluation and Talent Evaluation Center

Xu Weimin

Master Supervisor, graduated from School of Economics Fudan University, Deputy Director of Center for Chinese Business Studies, Fudan University, and Deputy Director of Enterprise Research Institute of Fudan University;

Yu Ying

Associate Professor of Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, EMBA Responsibility Processor

Zuo Xiaode

Professor, Ph. D. supervisor, School of management, Jinan University. C level certification of international project management, doctor of Engineering

Past Student Evaluation

Mr. Zhang

General Manager of Strategy Department in Jiangsu Sulon Big Data Technology Research Institute

I have worked for more than 20 years since I graduated from university, and have been engaged in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry. I once worked on positions like engineering technology, marketing, enterprise management, etc. Although I participated in a number of internal and external management training courses in my daily work and study process, and read a lot of management books in my spare time, I still always feel that these theories and knowledge are fragmented but not systematic. I indeed made certain determination in participating in MBA course of Xuewe, after all, I need to overcome many difficulties when I re-enter the classroom at the age of 46 for the two years of continuous learning.

After entering the real learning state, I feel I gained a lot. First of all, there are strong teachers in Xuewe, who are all well-known experts and scholars both at home and abroad. They not only have profound theoretical knowledge, but also have rich practical experience. Secondly, the students of Xuewe are basically industry elites with more than 10 years of experience in work and management, and we are very convenient to exchange with and learn from each other. Thirdly, Xuewe does well in teaching organization which facilitates students’ learning.

Through the MBA study in Xuewe, I listened to the lectures of scholars, and benefited a lot from the management thinking and concepts of these scholars. Based on case analysis, I can not only strengthen the understanding of these concepts, but also can apply these concepts to my daily work.

Ms. Judy

Senior Director of Sales Department in Scientech Corp

Through the study of MBA program, we have gained a lot, though it may be different for each student. The tangible gain is directly reflected in occupation change, that is to say, we may successfully change our work to our favorite industry, may get promotion, may get increased income, or may learn more about the operation of our enterprises and the key work points of departments to facilitate better cooperation and communication, etc. after we study for this program.

Looking to the future, there will be more intangible wealth, which may be reflected in reorganizing our knowledge system, strengthening our skills in a certain aspect, improving our comprehensive capabilities, broadening our horizons and minds, making good teachers and friends, and thus increasing our bargaining power, promoting the ability to cash, and enhancing the ability to have a better life. All these have become new resources and impetus for our career development and life, helping us to go further and steadily, to discover and open up broader space. I hope that students in the future to grasp the present chance, study hard, make friends with talented people to show elegant demeanor in the more intense competition in the future!

Mr. Zhang

Shanghai Yuetian Film and TV Investment Management Co., Ltd.

The two-year MBA study is the most important part of my personal learning. For the two-year study, firstly, I want to thank my family for their understanding and support. Secondly, I thank all the teachers in the school for their teaching and instructions in the past two years of study and life, so that my knowledge and work have been improved unprecedentedly, and I have formed my own thinking and work concept guidance frame or principle. I am also grateful for the cultivation of excellent teachers from different disciplines in the past two years, which has further improved my emotional and intellectual development and weakened and reduced my deficiencies. For the past two years of study, I shall also thank my classmates and friends for their various forms of communications and helps, which make our work and life rich and colorful. I hope I can combine knowledge and morality better, make full use of others’ advantages and live up to expectations in the future so as to benefit the society, the others and me at the same time.

Mr. Xiao

Deputy General Manager in Nanjing Sanxie Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

I have been engaged in production management and also have made due achievements in several enterprises that I worked for, but I still have quite a lot of shortcomings in the management of enterprises. Although I have participated in a lot of training courses successively, the knowledge I gained is fragmented. However, after enrolling MBA course of Xuewe, my horizon was suddenly broadened even after studying several courses and my overall perspective in enterprise management was gradually clear. The classmates who are eager to learn also stimulated me, who has been away from school for 20 years, so I become interested in learning new knowledge again.

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